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Installation Services

Agrecol has extensive experience installing native prairie. We seek out the latest innovations in installation products; we offer environmentally-friendly alternatives to conventional erosion control systems. We have solutions for every step in the native prairie installation process; we bridge the gap between nature and technology.

Native Prairie Services

We offer the following installation services (Southern Wisconsin):
  • Site Preparation
  • Custom Seeding
  • Mulching
  • Herbicide Applications
  • Invasive Species Controls
  • Herbivore Control
  • Brush Removal
  • Mowing
  • Burning
  • Irrigation
  • Companion Crops
  • Ripping
  • Vegetated Retaining Walls
  • Prairie Maintenance
Please email with acreage, site location, site information (current condition/past usage) and services you are interested in. Our installation team will contact you and provide you with estimated install fees for the services.

Native Consulting Services:

Agrecol's team of specialists can provide additional support to your native projects by offering services like site surveying and site visits, design custom seed and plant mixes, develop project specifications as well as provide in-depth step by step instructions for your projects.

Please email with the nature and extent of your basic consulting needs and Agrecol will contact you with information and pricing.

Agrecol Environmental Consulting:

For specialized needs, Agrecols network will team with your engineers to provide specialized environmental services. We solve complex environmental challenges by providing answers and options quickly, creatively and scientifically. Agrecol applies the cumulative knowledge of seasoned specialists to help you plan projects, solve problems and provide innovative, cost-effective solutions.

We can provide the following specialized services
  • Planning, design, installation and maintenance of native plants and seeds
  • Navigation through local, state and federal programs and environmental regulatory compliance
  • Lake, pond and stream management including: ecological surveys, planning and monitoring; aquatic plant ecology, management and restoration; fish population surveys and macroinvertebrate sampling
  • Water quality including: recreational waters and beach closings; drinking water supply, wastewater management
  • Floodplain and shoreland and zoning management programs
  • Wetland restoration, delineation and mitigation
  • Erosion control and stormwater management
  • Site surveys and assessments
  • Animal and plant surveys
  • Endangered Resource Specialists
  • Native prairie installations
  • Hydrology
  • Dam safety

Please email with the details of your specialized environmental needs and we will connect you with the appropriate AEC specialist for your needs.