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Regreen  (Triticum aestivum)
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Regreen (Triticum aestivum)
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Cover Crop (Sold by Bulk Pound)

Many native perennial species germinate slowly leaving newly seeded prairies susceptible to soil erosion and competition from annual weeds.  While Agrecol’s seed mixes are designed with high seed counts and the use of early successional native species to help reduce these concerns, cover crops can assist in the successful establishment of native seeding projects. 
Cover crops are annual species that germinate quickly, stabilize soils, and combat weed pressure.  The additional soil moisture retention helps promote germination of the native seeds.  All of our cover crops are sold on a bulk basis.


Triticum aestivum

Regreen™, a wheat x wheatgrass hybrid, produces a sterile plant. After it dies out it does not leave a new generation of plants behind to compete with the slower growing perennial species. This is a great fall/dormant cover crop for sites with limited accessibility.
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