About Agrecol Native Nursery

Founded in 1991, Agrecol Native Nursery produces high quality native seed mixes, plants, and specialty erosion control systems.

Many of Agrecol's natives are grown from source-identified prairie remnant collections gathered primarily in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Our seed is certified by the Wisconsin Crop Improvement Association for purity, origin, and germination.

Rock Prairie Farm

Midwest Native Ecotype

Agrecol has more than 200 native local ecotype species available to create diverse plant communities and to meet conservation, biodiversity, and education goals. Our nursery consists of monocultures of each species in row crops or solid seeded stands.

Environmental Stewardship

We pledge to protect, enhance, and create native plant communities that provide perennial biodiversity and add value to our landscapes, while enhancing and protecting the environment in which we live.

Prairie in Bloom


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