Sign Up for Plant Dane Rain Garden Workshop - Mar. 16th!

2021 Virtual Rain Garden Workshop Series - Registration now open

Dane County and the Madison Area Municipal Stormwater Partnership will be hosting a virtual Rain Garden Workshop Series on Feb. 16th, Mar. 2nd and Mar. 16th. Learn how installing a rain garden can help protect our lakes, rivers and streams and add beauty to your property! Register today at . Cost: $10 total for all three classes

This workshop series guides participants new to the world of rain gardens through a step by step process to design a rain garden plan that is specific to their property. The series is broken up into three1.5 hour classes and will cover information on site selection, sizing, site preparation, plant selection, installation and maintenance. Experts will be available to help participants through the process and answer questions. Participants will also have access to a private group web site to share ideas, plans and get feedback between classes.

Each class in this series builds upon info presented in the previous class, therefore participants area highly encouraged to attend all three classes, although it is not required. The total cost for all three classes is $10. 

Participants will have the option of ordering native plants at a discounted rate through the Plant Dane Native Plant Program. 

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