Welcome to Agrecol LLC

Growing up in Northeast Georgia taught me that the land is everything. The mountains, valleys, streams, meadows, trees and rocks were my playgrounds. When times were hard and money was scarce, the land fed us and gave us shelter. For many years I have been far removed from my Georgia roots, but never lost my faith or love for the land.

Agrecol LLC: Vested in the land

In 1949 I founded an office products manufacturing company called W. T. Rogers. That company proved to be very successful and when I sold the company in 1991, I had the opportunity to build a new business focused on the land. That company is Agrecol Corporation, founded in 1991. Agrecol relies on the land for its very existence. Our company combines the best principles of production agriculture with the science of ecology to produce high quality native seed and plants.

I am proud that my financial support has helped Agrecol continue to grow and evolve, now offering much more than seed and plant production. Our products and services include design, installation and maintenance of native plantings and restoration, vegetated retaining walls, erosion control, stormwater management, native fuel pellets, manufacturing and consulting along with other ecological restoration products and services.

A green future

As part of our commitment to a green future, Agrecol is involved in research and development of renewable fuels, such as pelletizing switchgrass and other native plants to produce fuel to support manufacturing and to heat homes and businesses. Our farm buildings are completely heated with pellets made on site from our own native straw and stem plant material left after cleaning the seed.

Our company, our employees, our customers, our friends and associates are all part of Agrecols team; a team dedicated to leaving the earth better than when we found it. I invite you to join our team; be a part of Agrecols green future.

Best regards,

 W. T. Bill Graham
Chairman, Agrecol LLC
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