Benefits of Native Plants

Native plants are an integral part of managing   the environmental challenges facing our society.Their natural ability to adapt and survive in a wide range of conditions makes them ideal for environmental restoration, habitat preservation and even the reclamation of severely damaged lands. Once established, native plant communities provide long-term sustainable solutions.

Native Root Systems

The deep, fibrous root systems of native plants protect our valuable topsoils and provide natural erosion control. Used as an important stormwater management tool, native plantings capture stormwater runoff, mitigate flooding, and protect our streams, rivers, and lakes from harmful contaminants.

Root Systems of Native Plants

Landscaping With Native Plants

Native plant communities preserve the balance and biodiversity of our fragile ecosystems. These plants serve as essential host, habitat, and food sources for many unique wildlife species.
Natural landscaping with native wildflowers and grasses creates beautiful low-maintenance areas, reducing the need for constant mowing and fertilization. Their capability for carbon sequestration promotes clean air and healthy soils. These natural landscapes lower our carbon footprint while providing beauty throughout the seasons.
From backyard gardens to commercial developments, native plant communities have a place in all landscaping projects.  Let the benefits of going native grow around you!
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